Fruit tart comfort

It’s hard to believe that a single fruit tart can change someone. But, this fruit tart was a special one.

The story of how I found this fruit tart began with a misadventure in Paris. I missed my flight home so I returned to 19th district to stay an extra night. As I was searching for a food shop in the area, a beautiful fruit tart in a shop called Guy et Colombe Maquin Boulangerie Patisserie suddenly caught my attention. I’ve gotta have the tart. So I bought it to cheer me up. It was the last one and it only cost me 1.90 euros. When I tried it, I felt like I was in heaven. It was fresh, delicious, and it was unlike anything I had in the US.

This shop is located right next to Ourcq metro station. So if you are in the neighborhood, and in need of a comfort food, Guy et Colombe Maquin won’t disappoint.

Guy et Colomb Maquin Boulangerie Patisserie
148 Avenue Jean Jaures
Paris, France


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