The Moat of Odawara Castle

I had once wanted to work in Japan, until I visited Japan the day after my college graduation.

I did not enjoy my stay there. Nothing was spectacular, and Tokyo was too over-crowded for my taste. It was a lot more stressful to be in a Tokyo subway station than taking 4 science exams on the same day and I had better Japanese food in San Francisco. To top it off, I was supposed to be in Europe, with my friends. Apparently, there were a lot to dislike about Japan.

However, I enjoyed some parts of Japan. Case in point–the moat surrounding the Odawara Castle. Yes, a moat. No, I didn’t wade my way through the water to take this shot. The castle itself wasn’t that interesting but the moat was. There was a paved pathway through it where people can stroll through and it was quite serene to be standing on it. Hopefully the moat isn’t dried up by now.

Odawara Castle
Odawara, Japan


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