Flight connections

This is for my reference since I’ll be traveling from January-March. Due to past experiences with flight connections, I will do the following before I arrive at an airport to save myself a headache:

1. Make a connection with a longer layover (more than 45 minutes between planes). If I’m not given enough connection time, I will ask the agent to book a connection that gives me more time.

2. Check the security wait time: TSA Wait Time Calculator

3. Get flight-status alerts

4. Reconfirm my flights at TSA Real-time Flight Delay Information

5. Have backup connection plans. If my itinerary involves a change of planes, look up later flights to my destination just in case I miss my connection again. That way, I can go straight to the gate for the next flight once I finally land or at least know what my options are when I talk to an agent to rebook.

And oh yea, after the Chicago O’Hare experience, I will definitely find out how far the terminals are from each other for flight connection.

Some of those tips are from, you guess it, How to Travel Practically Anywhere.


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  1. Corinne says:

    Very useful, thanks! Also, make sure you know whether you have to wait for and re-check your luggage, some international airports require that, for international flights, you get your luggage and re-check it which takes up a lot of time.

    If you don’t go through an agent and you don’t book your connecting flights with the same airline, the first airline is not responsible for rebooking you on another flight in case of delays, nor for getting your checked luggage on a connecting flight!

  2. amynet says:

    Thanks Corinne!

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