Useful travel preparation sites

Being the wanderlust that I am, I’ve been reading several travel planners. Below are some useful travel preparation sites that I’ve gathered.

Round the world guide:
Perpetual travel

Practice your foreign language:

Plan your itinerary:
Yahoo’s Trip Planner

If you want to know how long it takes to walk, take the metro, or drive from point A to B, go to

Train schedules for anywhere in Europe:

Europe’s most extensive bus network:

Links to each country’s own national rail website:

Instructions on how to dial any phone number in Europe:

Online currency conversion tool:

Latest rules and regulations for flights:

Tips on traveling light:

Customized list of suggested items to pack based on trip length, expected climate, planned activities, and other factors: Universal Packing List

Arrival information for most of Europe’s airports, including how to get into the city center:

Dates and details on festivals and cultural events:

Tour France’s most beautiful buildings on the Patrimony Day, usually the 3rd Sunday in September:

Travel insurance:

ATM locators: Visa and MasterCard

Personal tour guide: Global Greeter Network

Wifi: WiFinder

Free wifi:

If you need to use a computer:

Look up airports, landmarks, or businesses when you don’t have an exact address: MapQuest

Ultra-detailed Thomas Guides: Rand McNally

European maps, including approximate driving times, how much you can expect to pay on gas and tolls along your route: ViaMichelin

If you just want to find out where a town is located in a country and what’s there to see: Mappy


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