Off to Europe!

No-Jet-Lag medication, check. SIM card, check. GPS, check.

Good night sleep, hmm, I’m usually too excited to sleep before I head to Europe.

I’m flying to Europe today and will be in London, Barcelona, and Nice on the 23rd. I know, three two countries in one day is crazy nothing! If my No-Jet-Lag medication fails, I will drink plenty of Red Bulls when I’m there. Let’s just hope I will make the connection flight in London on time! If I do get stranded at Heathrow Airport I will try a Twitter experiment, Boarding and may have to change my itinerary.

Anyway. I’m excited about teaching in Spain and going wherever I feel like on a whim when I’m not on the teaching schedule!

Update: Due to flight delay to Barcelona, I flew directly into Nice from London.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Xiao says:

    Yay, I am very excited for you, and wish I could be there (damn you, school!!). (btw, I loved Barcelona when I was there).

  2. amynet says:

    Thanks Xiao. I should thank you too, for inspiring me with your travel stories!

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