Back to reality

So this week concludes my near 3 months tour. It was a bit too intense. To sum it up, it involved a trip to the emergency room, contacting the police to report an incident, and going on a vegan diet in Spain after getting sick from some food in a Michelin star restaurant, to name a few. I am just glad to be back home in California and to be able to sleep in my own bed. I feel very fortunate to live here.

I met some interesting people during my trip and my perspective in life has shifted quite drastically again. I was not searching for myself like last time in Paris, but I finally came to the conclusion that nothing is ever worth fretting over–life should be enjoyable and that should be the sole purpose of anyone’s life. I am glad I took some time off from school to do what I wanted, to learn more about myself, and to put things in perspective. I’m also glad that I quit something cold turkey in order to enjoy life again. Now I need to focus on my career and planning for my next destination.


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