Wally’s Cafe, immortalized in WALL-E

I just came back to London a week ago and I am sorely missing the food at Wally’s Cafe. I definitely will return to this place when I am back in the Bay Area.

Situated in Emeryville, a few blocks from Pixar office, like other Pixar employees, I have fallen in love with the food at Wally’s Cafe. Pixar employees love this eatery so much that they named WALL-E after it.

The atmosphere was cosy and I can’t complain about their generous portions, free lentil soup and baklava. Also big applause to them for allowing my dog to sit at the dining table indoors when it was raining.

We ordered beef gyros, vegetarian platter, dolmas, and onion rings. The total for all four of us (three humans and one dog) came out to $44.86, with plenty of leftover. Their beef, hummus with sumac, and baklava were to die for. I just wish I had also ordered pomegranate chicken, as it looked even more drool-worthy with the massive amount of chicken in the dish.

Even a week after eating here, I am still craving their food.

The only complaint I have is that service can be a bit slow and inattentive when it gets crowded around 6pm on a Friday but other than that, it gets five paws up from me and Sushi.

Dish: Beef gyro, dolmas, vegetarian platter, fried onion rings, pita bread, hummus with sumac and olive oil

Price: $44.86

3900 San Pablo Ave
Emeryville, CA


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