Mr. Bao

On Chinese New Year (January 28), I went to Mr. Bao, a Taiwanese eatery in Peckham Rye, London. Compared to Bao in Soho, Mr. Bao has better food, value, service and ambiance (as it is more spacious, relaxing and attractive). The wait staff were very friendly, and even the bill had a personal touch on it. I felt full pretty quickly, and the total bill came out to £48.60 for three people before tips.

For drink, I had Apple Paw Paw, which is actually a combination of Taiwanese Apple Sidra (Cider) and aloe vera. It was quite nice.

For starters, I really liked the Taiwanese pork sausage. Sesame spinach and golden kimchi were both so-so. Fried chicken was also alright, and so was the edamame covered in chili powder. The fried chicken was covered in mayo, which is more British than Taiwanese, but it tasted better than the fried chicken at Bao.

For bao (bao is just a white fluffy bun eaten in Taiwan and other Chinese speaking countries), I especially liked both pork belly and drunken prawn ones. Both the tofu and mushroom ones were also good.

For dessert, I had Bao S’More–it was fried bao with chocolate and melted marshmallow. It was delicious and morish.

If you are undecided on which Bao restaurants in London to go to, I’d recommend Mr. Bao over Bao in Soho, which I gave a negative review here.

Mr. Bao

Price: £53.60 (£48.60 before tips)

293 Rye Lane
London SE15 4UA


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