PHO Kingston

So I had been back in London for about a week when I started to recover from a stomach flu. Craving for something light, I decided to try a new Vietnamese restaurant called PHO in Kingston-Upon-Thames. I had pho tai lan (pictured) and it was decent. I added as much sriracha and chili pepper as I wanted myself.

For dessert, chocolate truffle was sooooo good that I forgot to take a photo of it until I was midway through eating it.

PHO's chocolate truffle

Mint tea was quite plain. I was pretty full after the noodle, and stuffing myself with dessert that contained dairy and pho that contained chili peppers extended my stomach flu for another day. I will pass on the chili pepper and sriracha next time.

The bill was reasonable for two people.

Dish: Pho tai lan, pho trung, chocolate truffle, fresh mint tea

Price: £29.45 without tips or £32.45 with tips

6 Eden Street
Kingston KT1 1BB


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