Eating around Rome

Nothing spectacular about the food in Rome. I had better Italian food elsewhere.

Tartufo (chocolate truffle ice cream, pictured in main) at Tre Scalini 

Overrated and overpriced for a small tasteless ice cream that was not spectacular enough to warrant it’s price and fame. I will never buy it from this cafe again, nor step into their restaurant next door, even though they were the original creator of this classic Roman dessert. The service was not great. I had difficulty finding Tre Scalini’s gelato shop, and when I asked where I could order a gelato at their restaurant, their waiter sent me to a competing gelato shop minutes away in sweltering heat when their own gelato shop was hidden right next door. Not worth the hassle.

Price: €6

Piazza Navona, 30-35, 00186 Roma, Italy

Anchovies pizza with zucchini flower and mozzarella at Dar Poeta


This famous Roman pizzeria was very hard to find as the road splits into two. The restaurant is actually on the sharp right of the split.

I had zucchini flower, anchovies, and mozzarella pizza. It was huge and delicious. However, I ate too slow and it cooled before I finished. It tasted a bit like a cardboard box when it cooled, but the anchovies added lots of flavor. The price was reasonable.

Price: €8.50

Vicolo del Bologna, 45, 00153 Roma, Italy

Wonderful Ice Cream

Gelato in Rome

On my last day, I had gelato at Wonderful Ice Cream after reading their glowing reviews.  It was so-so, maybe because I picked the wrong flavors. I had Ferrero Rocher, passion fruit, and lemon. The shop had air-conditioning and free wifi, which was handy for me hiding from the heat during a summer day.

Price: €3.50 for three scoops in a cone

Via Nazionale, 19a, 00184 Roma, Italy


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