PHO Kingston

So I had been back in London for about a week when I started to recover from a stomach flu. Craving for something light, I decided to try a new Vietnamese restaurant called PHO in Kingston-Upon-Thames. I had pho tai lan (pictured) and it was decent. I added as much sriracha and chili pepper as I wanted…

Mr. Bao

On Chinese New Year (January 28), I went to Mr. Bao, a Taiwanese eatery in Peckham Rye, London. Compared to Bao in Soho, Mr. Bao has better food, value, service and ambiance (as it is more spacious, relaxing and attractive). The wait staff were very friendly, and even the bill had a personal touch on it. I felt full…

Columbia Road Flower Market, East London

♥ Creative and vibrant. I’ll definitely come back to Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops earlier next time before the crowds. Now I am working in London, I finally have free time to write and travel to the flower market more often. This is one of the finer things in life I missed out on while I was previously working  two hours…

Bao in London – is it worth the long queue?

Absolutely not, especially if I come back from a year of hiatus from food writing to write about how crappy most of their food is. After reading rave reviews of this place which was listed as one of the best restaurants in London last year, I thought the wait would be worth it tonight, especially because I didn’t want to…

A bit of a hiatus to focus more on career and family

So I am back. I have been away from blogging on this site for two years and a half since moving to London. So what happened? Life got very busy during this period. I completed my Master’s, got married, started a new job, and traveled around the world mostly visiting families. I am getting over the…

Anniversary and 30th birthday

I met Tim during my travel in Spain. Today is our first year anniversary and my 30th birthday. I do not remember what I put down on my “30 things to do before turning 30” list. But so far, life is good. To celebrate, we have decided to go to a French restaurant. It is…

Moving to London

It’s been a year since I posted anything in this travelogue that I started soon after my first trip to Europe in 2009. A lot of things have happened since my last entry about my trip in Europe. My last trip there left me a bitter taste. I got injured and subsequently lost my job afterwards….

Cheap eat in center of Paris

I went to Brasserie de ile st louis (next to Notre Dame) in 2011–this place serves American-sized Alsatian dish with great views for a good deal. I found their drinks and food excellent.

What have you learned from your travels?

I was asked this question in an interview for my current job. Honestly, if there was anything I learned from my travel it would be to end relationship with people who are not good for me, who aren’t true friends.

Only the tourists visit Alcatraz

This map confirms my belief that only tourists visit Alcatraz. It’s a pretty useful tool to find out where to mingle with the locals and avoid the tourist traps. There are avoid-the-tourist maps of other cities as well.