Only the tourists visit Alcatraz

This map confirms my belief that only tourists visit Alcatraz. It’s a pretty useful tool to find out where to mingle with the locals and avoid the tourist traps. There are avoid-the-tourist maps of other cities as well. Advertisements

Mango tapioca

Yum. I love this mango tapioca that I couldn’t wait to take a huge bite before I photograph it. This dessert is not too sweet and the mango was the highlight. I had a very hard time sharing it with others in my party. Price: $6 Address: The House 1230 Grant Ave San Francisco, CA

Hot chocolate and “The Godfather”

So, what does this hot chocolate have to do with “The Godfather”? Well, this drink was ordered at Caffe Trieste, where Francis Ford Coppola wrote much of his screenplay for the movie. It’s a popular coffee shop in North Beach, frequented by old hippies and locals. It’s quite a noisy, old place with a jukebox…

Eco-elderflower cocktail at the W Hotel

I love W Hotel’s ultra chic bar, XYZ. I was here after work and I got a very light drink–Eco-elderflower cocktail. It tasted like passion fruit, yet not too sour nor too sweet. I enjoyed it, and the service was excellent. The atmosphere of this bar was very relaxing and it’s not as crowded as…

Grilled ahi tuna with spicy mustard aioli

Hands down this is one of the best ahi tunas I’ve had. So tender and juicy. But if you hate wasabi, you might want to avoid eating this. Price: $21 Address: The House 1230 Grant Ave San Francisco, CA